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About Liya International

Liya International is based on both US and Asia. We are a solely ethical business offering tailored services to small and medium business entities in the printing and toys industries.

Our Philosophy

Business sustainability doesn’t come in one day but over periods of continuous commitments to integrity, professionalism, and diligence. We collaborate with our customers, partners and factories to add measurable values to every party in the process of commodities circulation.

Our Implementation

At Liya International, we don’t talk big words. Our basis is built with:

Our People

At Liya Internatioal, our people are expert, responsive, honest, comprehensive, and respectful. Our work is to bring certainty to meet small and medium business owners’ manufacturing needs with the maximum cost savings possible.

Our U.S. based Sales and marketing team brings manufacturing facilities to your door. We help businesses owners implement the supply chain management by eliminating the barriers of communication inconvenience and cultural unfamiliarity.

Our Asian based Procurement team brings expertise to meet pricing, prototyping, tooling, engineering, manufacturing and delivering requirements. Like the eyes and ears, their attentive work help business owners watch each process and procedure in details; like the brain, their innovational engineering skills help the business owners solve technical bottlenecks.