Outsourcing Manufacturing Management

Contract Manufacturing

Manage the innovational transformation from a concept to a finished product

Manage the quality consistency

Manage the logistics smoothness


Our rapid prototyping technology prints pre-production samples from a pencil sketch or an electronic file. Your prototype may be made with any number of materials that we have available and can be produced in a variety of color options. Whether by hand sculpting or digital applications our artists not only take consideration into maintaining its level of artistic craftsmanship but also give suggestions of proper modifications to satisfy the technical requirements for tooling and mass production.


Experienced sculptors create the artistic masterpiece in great details as possible. At this stage, the finished sculpt made with clay is not transmittable. Pictures are taken with visible measurements and sent for approval. Upon approval, the sculpt is used for tooling to make the prototype with Polyurethane or similar material. Depending on the complexity, prototyping with sculpting is usually done within two weeks.

3D Scanner

Our 3D scanner scans the electronic file and prints the prototype directly with viable production materials. During this process, the precision is ensured.