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Contract Manufacturing

Manage the innovational transformation from a concept to a finished product

Manage the quality consistency

Manage the logistics smoothness

Quality Inspection

3Is - Inspection

By inspecting what we expect we ensure that based on AQL standards, your product goes to market with rigorous quality control by performing three inspections:

Our supplier network

By multiple visits and inspections of facilities, operational managements, and communication easiness, we thoroughly evaluate our suppliers in compliance with our qualification standards. We are respectful to our suppliers. We believe a good product is produced and delivered in an environment where not only solid facilities but adequate soft atmospheres are in presence. Our suppliers are:


Our products are in compliance with following standards:

3rd Party Inspection

Liya International also offers the service of third party inspection. As your consultants, we supervise a quality control team in China that use our “3Is” Rule to inspect other projects you may have.

We work with the following Accredited Testng Labs: